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Tel Aviv, Israel, Jan. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --   Sativus Tech Corp (OTC: SATT), the first-ever AgTech company that is developing the protocols to grow saffron using vertical farming technology, has begun an extensive rebranding effort in response to the evolving needs of the agricultural market and to accelerate the company’s growth strategy. The company began to shape its new corporate vision with the change of its name from Seedo Corp to Sativus Tech Corp. The new name allows the company to begin a new brand identity and business strategy to pursue opportunities for future growth and expansion.

Through its subsidiary, Saffron Tech Ltd, Sativus Tech has been advancing its development of the protocols to grow saffron using vertical farming technology. Saffron is an example of a food product with limited supply due to the labor-intensive harvesting process and its production of only one annual yield through traditional agricultural methods. Sativus Tech plans to grow other exotic food products that are unable to meet the demands of the market after it successfully completes the protocols for growing saffron indoors.

Saffron Tech’s data scientists have been exploring the various medicinal properties of saffron to be used in both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications. A reliable supply of premium saffron could also be used in a variety of industries including culinary, beauty and wellness. Sativus Tech wants to replicate this model for other food products that are desired for many applications.

“I’m excited about this new phase in the company’s growth,” said Shmuel Yanai, recently appointed Board Member of Sativus Tech. “We have built a stable foundation that continues to expand with new farms equipped with the latest technology that will enable us to develop more protocols for growing other exotic food items like mushrooms, wasabi, and vanilla. We want to be the next stage of the vertical farming phenomena that goes beyond lettuce and tomatoes.”

As part of its new business strategy, Sativus Tech has expanded its Board of Directors to include key new members with a broad range of knowledge that is essential for the company’s future growth. 

“The high prevalence of depression and anxiety partnered with the lack of new solutions, especially for mild depression, requires an in-depth examination to search for alternative solutions,” said Avi Stern, Vice President of and Board Member, Sativus Tech. Creating a reliable supply of high-quality saffron could help the nutraceutical industry develop saffron-based food supplements that could be a natural alternative to medicinal solutions.”

A recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Psychopharmacology found that saffron extract has the same efficacy as Ritalin in improving focus for children with ADHD, suggesting there is a promising future in developing new natural therapies to treat these common ailments. In another recent study by the Journal of Psychopharmacology it was discovered that patients who were administered saffron extract for eight weeks saw “a greater improvement in depressive symptoms.”

“The world is looking for green solutions and clean crops without pesticides or toxins,” said Tal Wilk-Glazer, CEO, Saffron Tech. “The pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries could utilize foods grown in vertical farms to develop natural alternative treatments. Vertical farming and indoor growing practices have the ability to purvey a consistent, high quality and large-scale supply of foods that would enable the development of these natural alternatives.”

About Sativus Tech Corp:

Sativus Tech Corp (OTC: SATT) is an AgTech company that uses advanced vertical farming technology to increase the production of low yield food products in the global marketplace. The company focuses on the research, development, and commercialization of agriculture products that are high in demand but scarce in the marketplace. A reliable supply of these highly coveted food products can be used in various applications including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, culinary, and the beauty industry. Sativus Tech Corp’s subsidiary, Saffron Tech, is revolutionizing the AgTech world by creating the protocols to grow saffron in indoor vertical farms. It is also increasing the production of the spice by multiplying the number of annual harvests. Sativus Tech Corp’s technology offers a responsible and sustainable way to grow crops in a world confronted by environmental challenges and dwindling earth reserves, diminishing water sources and unstable weather conditions.

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