Jezebel Launches New Subscription Service

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Monday, February 12, 2024 at 3:03pm UTC

Jezebel Launches New Subscription Service

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Subscriber-Based Offerings Boast New Content, Exclusive First-Looks & Unlimited Access

NEW YORK, Feb. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Jezebel, the influential online publication renowned for its fearless exploration of culture, politics, and feminism, is proud to announce the launch of its new subscription offering and its move to a new platform. As the publication makes a triumphant return, recent challenges in ad serving have prompted the introduction of the new subscription model to ensure access to content Jezebel readers have come to know, expect, and love.

Within a month of resuming publication, Google imposed a sitewide ad restriction citing concerns about "sexual content." The restriction not only affected stories that had "sex," "crotch," "dick," or "pussy" in the headline, but also impacted crucial stories, such as investigations into alleged abuse within the porn industry, including an article about two dozen women who say they were coerced into porn.

Inexplicably, another story titled, "Mila Kunis Is Right: Dudes, Stop Saying 'We're Pregnant,'" was flagged as was Lindy West's 2013 classic about rewatching Love Actually. Scrolling through all the "blacklisted" posts was both infuriating and confusing, even if we now have a priceless list of some of Jezebel's best-ever stories. Faced with the choice of self-censorship or the removal of ads from hundreds of our "offending" articles to get ad-serving restored, Jezebel chose the latter.

In response to the current media landscape dominated by "brand safety," Jezebel proudly introduced today a subscription service, allowing readers to enjoy an enhanced experience. While a bulk of Jezebel articles remain free, for $8 a month, subscribers will now also have the opportunity to gain exclusive benefits such as the ability to comment on stories without approval delays, access to invite-only Discord channels for live chats during key events, special content like the re-launched BarfBag roundup (similar to DirtBag but focused on politics), participation in the monthly Jezebel book club, and the opportunity to submit questions for the weekly advice column, a new, interactive feature that will be rolling out in the coming months.

Additionally, subscribers receive early access to information about upcoming Jezebel events, unlimited access to the entire catalog of articles, and exclusive subscriber-only content set to roll out in the coming months. Monthly members also receive a complimentary Jezebel T-shirt, while annual subscribers also enjoy an exquisite Jezebel canvas tote bag.

"As Jezebel moves onto our new platform, it's worth emphasizing that nothing about the site's content is changing," says Jezebel editor-in-chief, Lauren Tousignant. "Everything that's ever existed on the site will continue to exist – including the entire archive, slideshows, and every comment that's ever been posted – Jezebel just has a new look."

For 17 years, Jezebel has published the stories that other outlets were too nervous, too prude, or too "brand safe" to touch – before "brand safe" was even a thing. With the launch of the new subscription service, we aim to sustain this tradition of storytelling by continuing to publish unfiltered narratives and stories – without punishment for daring to publish words like sex, crotch, or Love Actually – for years to come. Jezebel editor-in-chief, Lauren Tousignant and new publisher, Josh Jackson of Paste Media are available for comment. For any questions or inquiries, please reach out to

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